Christian Counseling Services of Coos County

Christian Counseling Services of Coos County
3803 Vista Court
North Bend, OR 97459
PHONE: (541) 756-7453

About Craig and Arla

Craig and Arla Ford counsel as a team or individually. They work with people of all ages on an individual basis or in the context of marriage and family. Each client's unique needs are respected with acceptance, encouragement and healthy relational tools. They are in their 25th year of private practice.

The Fords' many years of counseling experience in Coos County are rooted in a solid foundation of education and experience. Craig, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Arla both have earned Master's Degrees; Craig's in Social Work from the University of Missouri and Arla's in counseling from Liberty University in Virginia. Continuing education for the Fords in the field of Christian Counseling has included Focus on the Family counseling enrichment courses, Minirth/Meier Clinics seminars, and the American Association of Christian Counselors conferences. They have been married 41 years and have been blessed with three challenging children ages 35, 32, and 25. They have entered a new season of life with 3 precious grandchildren ages 3, 2 and 5 months.

Our Gifts

Our educations equip us for our work in the counseling profession. Additionally God has called us and equipped us with His word, His Holy Spirit, and the capacity for discernment. We desire to express God's mercy, grace, and forgiveness as we encourage people to achieve their God-given purpose. Our gifts enable wounded, lost, and discouraged people to look inside themselves. Examining painful relationships and unhealthy patterns of dealing with life's inevitable problems begins the change process.

Discovery brings Recovery